Heat Pump Services in Victoria, BC to Heat and Cool Your Home

With Vancouver Island’s chilly winters and warm summers, heat pumps in Victoria are a great, high-efficiency way to heat and cool your home. Unlike a combustion heating unit, like a furnace, heat pumps utilize the same technology found in fridges. They are an excellent source of energy-efficient heat for your home, with the added benefit of cooling your home in the summer months. Simply put, a heat pump will pull warm air from the outside and circulate it in your home during the winter months, and in the summer, the process reverses and the heat pump pulls the hot air from your house to be dispersed outside of your home. They’re an excellent option for your home, and we have the experience you need to either install, repair, or maintain your Victoria heat pump. Depended on for over 20 years, rest easy when you go with 4 seasons for all your heat pump needs!

Benefits of Heat Pumps
  • They’re typically safer than combustion systems
  • Cheaper to run compared to gas and oil boilers
  • Reduces carbon emissions, has a very efficient conversion rate of energy to heat
  • Less maintenance than combustion system
  • Cools your home during the summer
  • Very long life-span, a reliable and steady heat source

Don’t Have Ductwork in Your Home? Not a Problem 

A ductless heat pump system can be the best way to heat and cool your home. They are an easy and customizable installation option that can accommodate most houses, townhouses, manufactured homes. With significant savings over electric heat, heat pumps can reduce your energy bill without changing the comfort level in your home. If you decide to ‘spend’ your savings by enjoying a warmer home in the winter or a cooler home in the summer, you won’t see significant reductions in your bill — though you may have significantly increased your comfort level. 4 Seasons chooses high-quality heat pumps from Daikin.

Heat Pump Repairs and Maintenance from 4 Seasons 

Has your heat pump stopped working or do you notice that there’s something wrong with its thermostat? Most often this happens when your overlook the need to have your heat pump repaired early on or because of lack of routine maintenance. Regularly maintaining your heat pump can keep your heat pump in good condition and also reduce repair costs in future. Choose professionals with experience and count on 4 Seasons to help you with your heat pump repair and maintenance needs. We’ve developed a reputation in our community for our outstanding customer service, and we were awarded the 2014 Better Business Bureau Torch Award in the category of Home Improvement. If you want to beat the heat and combat cold, give us a call today, or request a free in-home estimate online.

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